CleopaGold strongly believe in training, coming from the knowledge gained from years of experience, which has shown us that training itself is at the base of success.

Through adequate training, the Eastern Art depilation can be a wonderful tool in the hands of the professional, who with a little experience will be able to create a pleasant and relaxing experience, which is commonly considered to be quite painful. To learn the ancient art of epilating technique, CleopaGold provides a course of 2 days. (I Step and II Step). In the first step we learn the basic. It starts with a brief theoretical introduction and it continues doing the practice on the easier parts of the body. In the second step, advanced training course, you experience the technique and theory already learned, to move on to the more complicated and delicate parts of the body.

During the course, you will be constantly supported by the CleopaGold staff, with useful tips to your perfection. Our training courses have clear objectives to enable you, professionals of this sector, to use the CleopaGold products in the most correct and professional way, leaving no time for improvisation or, even worse, misuse. At the end of the course and only having completed it entirely, there is a personal certificate for the participant and one for the Aesthetic Center, by becoming "Certified Center specializes in epilating with Eastern Sugar Paste CleopaGold. Following the company philosophy, CleopaGold products will be only sold to professionals in the sector, and then only after a proper training.